Two pulled from fireball wreckage of £290k McLaren by hero in pyjamas

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A HERO wearing pyjamas hauled a race car driver and a female passenger from the fireball wreckage of a £290,000 McLaren.

Professional motorist Chris Pappas was at the wheel of the supercar in Queensland, Australia, when he lost control of the vehicle.


The car was caught on CCTV driving through a roundabout before crashing


It burst into flames and two people were pulled from the wreckage

Shocking CCTV footage showed the car driving through a roundabout before it smashed into a power pole and burst into flames at about 10pm on Thursday.

Stunned witness Stephen Goodall, who was still wearing his pyjamas, ran out into the street and managed to pull the pair from the burning car.

He told 9News: “The girl was unconscious and the guy was in a lot of pain.

“All that entered my mind was getting over to that car and making sure people were safe.”

Mr Pappas was treated for a broken leg while the woman aided for head injuries.

The pair, in their 30s, were taken to hospital but luckily managed to escape burns, however.

Paramedic Adam Flory hailed Mr Goodall’s actions.

He said: “If it wasn’t for the courageous effort from bystanders to remove these persons from the vehicle, we definitely would have had a different situation here tonight.

But Mr Goodall has insisted he is not a hero.

He said: “No hero, just doing what anyone else would do.”

No charges were made following the accident.

It comes after a racing driving lost control of his car and injured ten people, including a child.

The vehicle smashed into a crowd of spectators at an arena in Patergassen, Austria, during a rally event.

The driver lost control of his car while speeding around a bend before careering through a fence and into the audience.

Those seriously injured were airlifted to hospital and the rest of the event was cancelled.

The driver of the car – a Toyota – was uninjured.


Luckily the driver and passenger did not get burnt


The pair were taken to hospital after being treated at the scene


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