Russia points finger at Ukraine over killing of ultra-nationalist’s daughter

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Mixed feelings in Russia about joining army

Russia is determined to win the war but keep losing men to it.

The recruitment is an act of desperation as, though Russia refuses to give numbers, Western officials suggest the death and wounded toll for Russian troops is between 70,000 and 80,000.

The authorities are reportedly offering large sums of money to volunteers who sign up, and even going as far as attempting to hire people in prison.

And some are enticed enough to join.

Will Vernon met with Nina Chubarina, whose son Yevgeny left their village in the northern region of Karelia to join a volunteer battalion. She explained her son, who had no military experience, was given a gun and sent straight into Ukraine.

He was killed just days later at 24 years old.

She elaborated: “I tried to talk him out of it. I cried. I said, ‘There’s a war, you’ll be killed!’ He said, “Mum, everything will be fine.”

“They just send them in like dumb little chickens! They’d hardly even held a gun before. They’re cannon fodder.

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