Putin grips table & chews his lip during meeting amid rumours about ill health

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VLADIMIR Putin has appeared to tightly grip his desk during a meeting with one of his trusted generals, amid ongoing rumours about his ill health.

During his rare public appearances, the Russian leader has appeared to be clenching tables and desks – a gesture experts say could indicate he is trying to stop his hand from shaking uncontrollably.


During his routine meeting with Viktor Zolotov, Putin was seen steadying himself by holding the deskCredit: AP


Putin again appeared to tightly grip his desk and chewing his lipsCredit: kremlin.ru


Zolotov told Putin Ukrainians are welcoming occupying Russian troops -despite huge Russian military lossesCredit: Alamy

The latest footage of a routine meeting with the director of the Russian National Guard Viktor Zolotov, 68, shows the two men discussing the situation of the Russian military in Ukraine.

Incredibly, Zolotov is heard telling Putin, 69, that Ukrainians are welcoming occupying Russian troops, despite estimates at least 80,000 soldiers have been killed or injured in Ukraine.

“I want to specifically stress that we feel support from the residents of the liberated territories,” Zolotov told Putin, in sharp contrast with the strong resistance put up by Ukrainian troops.

During Zolotov’s surreal report, the Russian strongman is seen grasping the desk with his right hand first, then with his left – amid speculation he is suffering from early Parkinson’s Disease.

Despite keeping a straight face, Putin is also seen chewing his lip as he is sat at the same desk that appears in many state-sponsored videos.

The dictator – who turns 70 in October – has been at the centre of a storm of speculation with various reports alleging he is sick – potentially suffering cancer or Parkinson’s.

Every appearance is now being dissected, with experts claiming the former intelligence officer is looking frialer and weaker than ever before.

Kremlin officials consistently deny there is anything wrong with him, but the weakened Putin these days appears to be a far cry from his efforts to be seen as the world’s strongman.

It comes after Putin was seen clenching his desk this month during a face-to-face meeting with the newly appointed chairman and CEO of Aeroflot, Sergei Alexandrovsky.

The military commander has been seen with his legs covered with a thick blanket at a parade, and appeared to shake uncontrollably during a meeting with Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

And one of the most striking videos showed Putin slouching, twitching his feet and appearing to steady himself by gripping a table as he met with his defence chief Sergei Shoigu.

Putin’s table grip has previously been described as a sign he is having to “keep himself propped up”.

And there have been reports Kremlin officials are limiting the length of Vlad’s meetings due to fears for his health.

Putin has reportedly been ordered by his doctors not to make any “lengthy” public appearances.

Meanwhile, Putin continues to conduct a disastrous war in Ukraine which has raged for more than 180 days and seen more than 80,000 Russian troops die, according to the U.S. Defense Department.


Putin is seen gripping the desk during a face-to-face meeting with the newly appointed chairman and CEO of Aeroflot, Sergei Alexandrovsky, earlier this monthCredit: Alamy


On the same day, he was also pictures grasping the desk during a meeting with the Head of the Federal Taxation Service Daniil YegorovCredit: Alamy

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