My girl, 6, has to change sweet name we gave her because of cruel classmates

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A LITTLE girl legally changed her sweet name to stop her cruel classmates barking orders at her.

The six-year-old, from Goettingen, Lower Saxony, Germany, was relentlessly ridiculed by youngsters at school.


The six-year-old begged to change her name after being bullied by her classmatesCredit: Getty


The girl was baptised as Alexa shortly before the Amazon device became popularCredit: Newsflash

Her parents baptised their daughter Alexa – just before Amazon’s popular device boomed in the tech market.

As the virtual voice assistant’s popularity grew, her namesake paid the price on the playground.

Little Alexa was mercilessly mocked by her schoolmates, who barked orders at her constantly.

The German schoolgirl grew weary of the incessant teasing, leaving her parents desperately trying to change her name.

The couple applied to city officials in Goettingen to officially change her name in hopes of putting an end to the mean comments.

But their first attempt was turned down – forcing them to take the case to the city’s Administrative Court.

They told the court how children would taunt their daughter Alexa, shouting commands at her in the playground.

And even when the six-year-old went swimming, youngsters made fun of her in the pool.

They recalled how one unknown man – after overhearing their daughter’s name – cruelly jeered: “Alexa, dance for me!”

Court officials agreed that the girl had been “emotionally burdened” by her name and gave her parents permission to choose a new one.

The court found: “The name is not only apt to form a pun, but rather invites the issuing of insulting and demeaning orders.”

The six-year-old’s new name has not been reported in local media.

In January 2019, Amazon announced that they had flogged more than 100 million Alexa devices.

The gadgets can follow instructions and answer questions such as “Alexa, what’s the weather today?” or “Alexa, how many ounces in a pound?”

We previously told how another mum was considering changing her daughter’s name from Alexa as she was “100 percent certain” her youngster would be picked on.


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