I’m the woman in the ‘Girl Explaining’ meme

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THE woman in the viral “Girl Explaining” meme is unrecognisable four years on – and she has finally revealed what she was really telling her boyfriend.

The meme of Denise Sanchez yelling into the ear of her boyfriend at a music festival in 2018 has exploded across social media.


The meme of Denise Sanchez yelling into the ear of her boyfriend has exploded across social mediaCredit: Instagram


Denise Sanchez looks unrecognisable four years later after dying her hair blackCredit: Instagram


Denise revealed what she was actually telling her boyfriend at the timeCredit: Instagram

The man looks completely unimpressed with what Denise has to say – prompting thousands of creative internet users to come up with a possible scenario for what she might be explaining to him.

The hilarious picture previously went viral in Spanish-speaking meme circles in 2019 – and now it’s crossed over into English meme circles, flooding everyone’s social media feed once again.

Speaking to Know Your Meme, Denise revealed the viral photo was snapped while she was partying at a festival in Buenos Aires in Argentina.

And she confirmed the boy in the photo – Alfre – was her boyfriend at the time.

She said: “He was my boyfriend at the time, now he’s my ex.”

Denise said they were actually in the background of someone else’s photo – but they quickly became the centre of attention.

When the meme first started to do the rounds online in 2019, she said she received a lot of interest.

“I was featured in the newspaper in my city, many people followed me on Instagram, and people have written me and asked how it happened,” she said.

But it wasn’t all positive for Denise, as many people branded her the “toxic girlfriend”.

She said: “They have treated me like a toxic girlfriend too… it’s funny to see how people draw conclusions from a photo and think they know a lot about how you are.”

And for everyone curious about what she was “explaining” to her boyfriend in the picture, Denise said she was actually just trying to sing a song to him.

Denise said she’s no longer with the boy in the viral photo and she’s now settled with a new partner.

She said her “friends laugh a lot whenever I mention it and they were surprised when I started to get famous”.

Today, Denise is unrecognisable after dying her hair black – and she had no idea the meme had exploded on the internet again.

She said: “I honestly had no idea that the meme resurfaced again and I never realised the huge number of people who saw it.

“It makes me laugh a lot when everyone is surprised that it’s me.

“Now I dyed my hair black so it’s harder for them to recognise me, but yes, it’s me.”

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