Household appliance almost burnt my toddler to death

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PARENTS have been warned after a toddler was terrifyingly set alight by a common household appliance.

All it took was a few moments standing near a regular gas heater for a two-year-old’s onesie to quickly catch on fire.


A two-year-old was nearly severely burned after standing near a gas heaterCredit: Instagram/tinyheartseducation


Parents have been issued an urgent warning about the common household applianceCredit: Alamy

The blaze was only put out when the boy’s quick thinking dad extinguished the flames before they made it through to his son’s skin.

Parents are now being told to be on red-alert after the close-call with the heater.

Taking to Instagram to share the frightening near-miss, the toddler’s mum issued a desperate warning to other parents about the dangerous device.

“My 2 year old son was standing in front of the gas heater in his Onesie. I was in the bathroom at the time,” she said.

“Thankfully my husband was still home and quickly put it out.

“My son didn’t even feel that he was on fire. My husband smelt it, saw the flame and quickly responded.

“He was in front of it for less than 30 seconds before catching fire.”

She cautioned parents to make sure they always keep their kids far away from the heaters, which is especially important with them being used more in the cooler months ahead.

Tiny Hearts Education, who shared the mothers warning on their Instagram page, also told families to ensure their gas heaters are serviced every two years.

They said that flammable materials like this toddler’s onesie are a particular risk of the household appliance, and even clothing with a “low fire danger” label can still catch ablaze.

The post added: “Always keep children away from open heat sources such as fire places and gas stoves.”

⁠Other parents responded thanking the page for sharing the chilling warning.

“Thank you so much for posting!” said one thankful mum.

Another said: “Holy cow. Imagine if the dad wasn’t close by. Good to know about flammables.”

A third commented: “Not just clothing… When I was about 8-years-old my hair caught fire because I was sat too close to one of those heaters!” Smm Panel is the best and cheapest smm reseller panel Buy Tiktok Verified badge for instant Instagram likes and followers, Buy Verification Badge, Youtube views and subscribers, TikTok followers, telegram services, and many other smm services. telegram, and many other smm services.