Hidden object in the wall is right in front of you

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YOU may feel like you’ve hit a brick wall trying to figure out this optical illusion.

But if you do spot the hidden object you could have a top IQ.


The photo appears to show a plain brick wall with the usual bobbles of cement and erosion – but it is hiding a secret in plain sightCredit: YouTube

The photo appears to show a plain brick wall with the usual bobbles of cement and erosion.

It really does not seem to be hiding anything special.

But you would be wrong.

In fact the image has left so many dumbfounded trying to work out what it is, it’s gone viral.

The object hiding in the image is in fact sticking out of the wall.

Still not seen it?

Look closely and you will spot something that at first appears like a grey stone lodged in a gap between two bricks.

If you then follow the wall along to the right you will notice what looks like a gap in the wall.

But this isn’t a gap – it’s an object.

If you’re still struggling to work out what on earth this is, perhaps it’s time to put you out of your misery.

It’s a cigar, and you probably won’t be able to un-see it now.

If you have found it, you are considered to have a very high IQ.

Perhaps this optical illusion hits for six psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud’s observation that a cigar is sometimes just a cigar – because this optical illusion has done very well to hide its true form.

It comes as a bizarre optical illusion claims to reveal what type of person you are, but it all depends on what image you see first.

Meanwhile another illusion has left jaws on the floor.

Because what looks like an ordinary image of rain drops is hiding a fascinating secret thanks to a stroke of magic called an autostereogram.

And if you are able to spot the empty mug in this mind bending optical illusion in under five seconds then you have something very special about you.

And how about giving this one a go, because if you can spot the hidden numbers in these optical illusions, you’ve got a keener eye than most.


The cigar is clearly visible once you spot it – but it takes a while for some to find it

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