Chinese nuke bombers fly ‘mock strike run’ in prep for ‘real mission’ on Taiwan

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CHINESE nuke bombers have flown terrifying military drills amid increasing fears over an imminent attack on Taiwan.

Tensions in the region have reached boiling point as China is reportedly trailing its nuclear-capable H-6K bombers for an invasion.


Nuclear-capable bombers have been trialled by Chinese military near TaiwanCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk


Chilling footage shows the aircraft performing military drills as fears escalate over an imminent invasionCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk


Today’s escalation comes amid rising concerns an assault on Taiwan is on the horizon – with China potentially preparing to utilise its devastating nuclear arsenal.

Communist Party forces are continuing to step up military drills in the region, and experts believe the Chinese military would need to establish over two million soldiers for a full out invasion.

Chinese media have previously released footage of field hospital rehearsals that suggest it is preparing for mass casualties.

The nuke bomber drills were the conclusion of four days of military exercises rolled out in response to a visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The use of the aircraft is a chilling intensification of tensions in the region due to the H-6K bombers’ ability to be equipped with nuclear warheads.

Chinese state run media Global Times has said the training runs were a “deterrence mission” to demoralise Taiwan’s independence struggle and “promote the reunification process”.

The Communist Party mouthpiece also admitted the alarming nuke-bomber exercises were to rehearse “a potential real operation”.

Footage released on Twitter saw the PLA military aircraft training across the Taiwan Straits amid reports Beijing may be laying the groundwork for a 48-hour blitz to capture Taiwan in a flash.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said today it detected multiple Chinese aircraft, naval vessels and drones operating around the Taiwan Strait.

The Taiwan officials said the drills were a “simulated attack against the main island of Taiwan and Taiwan’s naval vessels”.

The Global Times, often seen as an unofficial Beijing mouthpiece, said the training drills put numerous aircraft and fighter jets through their paces.

A Chinese military expert allegedly told the outlet the recent drills will secure “air superiority” and “control of the sea”, which will be key to reaching Taiwan across the East China Sea.

Alarmingly, the military insider also reportedly said the war-games would “secure paths and minimalize coastal resistance for the following amphibious landing forces” – heavily suggesting an impending assault from the Chinese on the island.

Among those drilled today was the H-6K bombers, potentially the most destructive aircraft in its arsenal.

Designed for long-range attacks, the aircraft has a combat range of over 1,800 miles before it would need to refuel and is equipped with devastating air-launcher cruise missiles.

Powerful air and sea forces like H-6K bombers could be key to China’s potential assault on Taiwan, as its military will need to overcome treacherous conditions to reach the island.

China’s military said it has conducted air and sea combat drills to the north, southwest and east of the island in recent days to “test the troops’ joint combat capabilities”

Aerial attacks from the nation’s air force may be a central part of the potential invasion, with Beijing continuing to be open with its desire to recapture the island.

Taiwan’s Premier Su Tseng-chang on Sunday reiterated Taiwan’s condemnation of the drills at a press conference.

He said: “Not only Taiwan but other countries in the region as well as freedom-loving countries like the US and so on have vehemently protested and condemned China’s arrogant military operations disrupting regional peace and stability.

“We call on the Chinese government to not flex its military muscles and disrupt regional peace.”

These recent drills with the H-6K’s terrifying nuclear capabilities could be a terrifying glimpse into the Communist Party’s plans.


Today’s military drills saw China train with its nuclear-capable bomber aircraftCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk


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