Boy, 15, beheaded by CROCODILE as beast grabbed him while fishing with pals

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A TEENAGER has been decapitated by a killer crocodile in front of his horrified friends while on a fishing trip.

Farjan Idham, 15, was savaged by the beast at a lake in Indonesia as his panicked pals fought in vain to save him.


Farjan Idham, 15, was mauled to death by a crocodileCredit: ViralPress


The beast thought to have savaged the teen in IndonesiaCredit: ViralPress

The youngster sat on a log to rest at Lake Tolire in Ternate City when the predator pounced out of the water and yanked him under the surface.

His terrified friends attempted to help him – but were struck by the croc’s powerful tail.

They frantically retreated back to the shore and reached out for help.

Authorities launched a desperate search for Farjan after he was mauled by the vicious creature on August 2.

His body was finally recovered two days later, despite it being seen floating around the lake.

Officials said crocs prowling around his corpse and the lake’s steep cliffs delayed their rescue operation.

They said one crocodile kept appearing next to the body and pushing it around the lake.

Officers finally pulled Farjan’s body from the water on August 4.

Both of his arms had been torn off, while his head had almost been severed from his neck, Ternate Search and Rescue Agency head Fathur Rahman said.

Farjan’s remains were taken to a funeral home before being turned over to his family.

Lake Tolire has been temporarily closed to tourists following the tragic incident.

The Indonesian archipelago is home to 14 types of crocs – with a large population of extremely large and violent estuarine crocodiles that flourish in the region’s climate.

It comes after a crocodile killed a young girl in front of her horrified friends while she was out swimming.

Intan Maria Sari, 14, was mauled by the beast in the Indonesian province of Riau.

According to reports, the teen and her friends were washing their clothes in the river before diving in the water to play.

Her pals then watched helplessly and rushed to call their parents for help as Maria disappeared underwater.

Meanwhile, two Americans were mauled by a crocodile at a popular vacation resort in Mexico.

The attack left a 24-year-old man and his friend, 30, both thought to be from Illinois, needing hospital treatment.


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